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The year is 97′ and my older brother brings home a tape recording of music that will change my life forever. Each day I would rush home from middle school just to browse the internet( Forums, Channels) and learn about the music that millions were partying too. Eventually I would attend “Teen Parties” and get into promoting at a very young age cause I was hooked. As I turned older you could find me clubbing every weekend in New York City at the legendary clubs Exit & Sound Factory where I pretty much spent my Junior & Senior years of high school.

Fast forward to 2009, I decided to launch a website dedicated to trance music and the response and support quickly came in. is an online magazine site for electronic dance music, specifically focused on Trance Music. When my readers come to my site, they will be able to read up on new releases, previews and reviews of latest Trance albums and compilations, stay up-to-date with the latest in electronic dance music news, plus read interviews with local and international DJs. My objective is to promote electronic dance music artists and their music.

Established in early 2010, I have gained recognition in the electronic dance music scene by successfully running  a website dedicated to trance music called United States Trance Movement ( USTM ). It had become one of the fastest growing online trance magazine websites with support from some of the biggest Labels and DJ’s in the industry. My goal was and still is to bring Trance music to the forefront of the United States. Be a part of the movement today! Contact me to Advertising & Business Related Inquires.

What They’re Saying

Hyper Reality Records
“We’ve always enjoyed working together with Douglas, he is so motivated and supportive about our label and releases right from the start!
HRR and all of its artists really appreciate the promotion by Douglas and United States Trance Movement and we are sure there is a movement and shift going on in the Hard Trance scene”

Manuel Le Saux
I had the chance to work with Douglas many times and I was always amazed about the professionalism and the way he promoted music with passion! thumbs up and looking to continue to work with him in the future.

Artists who changed my life

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Drive With Lyft

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