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The Beginning of a New Journey – Switzerland(2021) & Sri Lanka(2022)



Dear Shankra Family,

During the intense changes that recently invested the world, we have been holding on firmly on the belief that art, in any form, continues to give us the privilege of becoming who we are.

Shankra Festival came to life to celebrate art and psychedelic music by promoting self-expression in natural landscapes. In 2015, the Lostallo valley in Switzerland became our first home, welcoming people from all over the world in a collective celebration.

Beginning a journey means being conscious of our strength and weaknesses, embrace dreams and deepest fears, to step away from the ordinary; bearing this in our minds and hearts, we are grateful to announce that Shankra Festival will have an additional location in Sri Lanka.

Shankra Festival Sri Lanka will take place between 14-20 of February 2022, and it will be a seven-day gathering of psytrance music, art and activities immersed in the Indian Pearl.

This moment is ours to reinvent, discover and explore new possibilities in our realities.

A dream that we want to share globally, beyond any social or cultural difference.

Shankra Festival Switzerland (which will run 7-11/7/2021) and Shankra Festival Sri Lanka (taking place 14-20/2/2022) are and will continue to be the results of the enormous support and trust that we receive from you.

Your Life is Your Message

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Our actions may appear as single drops in the immense ocean.
Yet what is an ocean, if not a multitude of drops?We are grateful to announce that Shankra Festival will have an additional location in Sri Lanka: the seven-day musical journey will take place in the Northern province of the Island, from the 14th to 20th of February 2022.
Over 400 artists will share their message:
έως – StageAltruism (Nano) Brazil
Aioaska (Flow Ev) Austria
Astral Gnomix (Other World) Switzerland
Astral Projection (Transient) Israel
Atomic Pulse – Retro Set (Dacru) Israel
Atriohm (Parvati) Macedonia
Audiotec (Tech Safari) Israel
Avalon (Nano) UK
Azax Syndrom (Mainstage) Israel
Boom Shankar (BMSS) Germany
Braincell (Nano) Switzerland
Burn In Noise (Nano) Brazil
California Sunshine (Goa) Israel
Chacruna (Maharetta) Chile / Spain
Chris Rich (Bom Shanka) UK
Circuit Breakers (Nano) UK / Brazil
Cosinus (Sangoma) Switzerland
Cosmosis – Retro Set (Holophonic) UK
Daksinamurti (Sangoma) Germany
Dickster (Nano) UK
Digicult (Dacru) Belgium
Divination (24/7) UK
Djantrix (Dacru) Macedonia
Domestic – Retro Set (HOM-Mega) Israel
Drip Drop (Harmonia) Greece / UK
E-Clip (Tesseract) Serbia
Earthling (Zero 1) Spain
Earthspace (Nano) Brazil
Electric Universe (Dacru) Germany
Electrypnose (Zenon) Switzerland
Etnica & Pleiadians – Retro Set – Italy
Fatali – Retro Set (Fatali Music) Israel
Fungus Funk (Sangoma) Russia
Galactic Explorers (Galactic) Macedonia
Gaspard (Sangoma) Switzerland
Gaudi & AllStars Orchestra (Rarenoise) UK
Giuseppe (Parvati) Italy
GMS – Retro Set (Future) Spain
Goa Jonas (TIP) Germany
Groovebox (Reversible) Japan
Hatta (Grasshopper) Japan
Hypnoise (Maharetta) Spain
Imaginarium (Art-X ) Serbia
Imagine Mars (Sacred Technology) Israel
Infected Mushroom – Retro Concert – USA
Ingrained Instinct (Blacklite) Greece / UK
Ital (Antu) Chile
James West (Nano) UK
Jumpstreeet (Looney Moon) Switzerland
Kabayun (Future) USA
Kaya Project – Concert (Tribal Shift) UK
Killerwatts (Nano) UK
Kox Box (Zero1) Denmark
Laughing Buddha (Nano) UK
Liquid Soul – Retro Set – (Iboga) – Swiss
Logic Bomb (Hologram) Sweden
Magik (Nano) UK
Malice In Wonderland (2to6) Austria
Mandala (Nano) UK
Materia (24/7) Austria
Mechanimal (24/7) UK
Mekkanika (Future) Switzerland
Menog – Retro Set (Nano) Portugal
Micky Noise (ex Wizzy Noise) Greece
Middle Mode (Digital Om) Serbia
Mindwave (Iono) Israel
Naked Tourist (Parvati) Germany
Parasense (Crystal Matrix) Russia
Penta (AuraQuake) USA
Pixel – Retro Set (Stereo Society) Israel
Prometheus (Twisted) UK
Protoculture – Retro Set (Nano) ZA
Psyberpunk (Temple Twisters) Swiss
Psysex – Retro Set (Egohunter) Israel
Rastaliens (Phar Side) Germany
Regan (Nano) South Africa
Rinkadink (Iboga) ZA
S-Range (Sofa Beats) Sweden
S.U.N. Project – Retro Set Germany
Shane Gobi (Alchemy) UK
Southwild (Wild Things) Germany
Spectra Sonics (Grasshopper) Japan
Spinal Fusion (Profound) India
StarLab (Digital Om) India
Swarup (Vagalume) Brazil
Sykespico (Suntrip) Israel
Talpa (Tesseract) Serbia
The Commercial Hippies (Nano) ZA
The Muses Rapt (Independent) Spain
Total Eclipse (Suntrip ) France
Tristan (Nano) UK
Tryambaka (Locobot) Portugal
U-Recken (Dacru) Israel
Vibe Tribe – Retro Set (Mainstage) Israel
Virtual Light (Digital Om) Canada
Waio (24/7) Brazil
Wegha (Future) Hungary
Zephirus Kane (Nano) UK
Zyce (Tesseract) Serbia
1200 Mics – Retro Set (TIP) Israel
& Surprise
Stage – كَائِنAbyss Ooze (Dark Prisma) Argentina
Alien Trancesistor (Vantara Vichitra) IND
AngryLuna (Ovni) France
Antonymous (Sonic Loom) Greece
Arcek (Multidimensional) Mexico
Archaic (Pralayah) Greece
Art Materials (Phobos) Switzerland
Athzira (Ovni) France
Audiofools (Parvati) Denmark
Audiophatik (Pleiadian) Mexico
Back to Mars (Occulta) Netherlands
Bionic (Psyology) South Africa
Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhootesh.) MK
Buzz (Sangoma) Japan
Chromatec (Deviant Force) Germany
Crazy Astronaut (how2make) Russia
Dark Whisper (Alice-D ) Germany
Digitalist (Another Dimension) Swiss
Diksha (Sangoma) Brazil
Dirty Saffi (Bom Shanka) UK
Dust (Looney Moon) Italy
Elowinz (Parvati) Brazil
Fagin’s Reject (Wild Things) UK
Filterheads (Wild Things) Austria / UK
Fractaly Noise (Multidimensional) Brazil
Furious (how2make) Russia
Glosolalia (Dark Prisma) Argentina
Goa Gil / 24 Hours (Avatar) USA
Hishiryo (Wild Seven) France
Hydropanic (Bom Shanka) India
Insane Creatures (Catar) Spain
Irgumburgum (Psybaba) Hungary
Jabho (Parvati) Denmark
Jangaramongara (Digital Shiva) Japan
Janux (Looney Moon) Denmark
Justin Chaos (Sangoma) Argentina
Kasadelica (Egohunter) Israel
Kokobloko (Blackout) Greece
Luna Rave (Ovni) France
Makumba (Insomnia) Greece
Malkaviam (Deviant Force) Venezuela
Manvantra (Pralayah) India
Marambà (Ovni) Brazil
Mark Day (Blue Hour Sounds) UK
Megalopsy (Dark Prisma) Argentina
Metrix (Catar) Switzerland
Mikel (Parvati) Italy
Mutaro (Deviant Force) Germany
Naima (Sangoma) Austria
Nargun (Parvati) Brazil
Necropsycho (Alice-D) Brazil
Nomad 25 (Psynon) Cyprus
Nuky (Bom Shanka) UK
Obliviant (Looney Moon) Argentina
Oleg (SUN Festival) Hungary
Once upon a time (Sangoma) Bulgaria
Onkel Dunkel (Parvati) Denmark
Oxidaksi (Freak) Israel
Phase (Looney Moon) Italy
Philoso (Kamino) Austria
Phobos (Looney Moon) Italy
Psykia (Vantara Vichitra) Italia
Psykovsky (Osom) Russia
Psynonima (Freak) Spain
Quadraphonic (Sonic Loom) Greece
Quantum Mechanica (Dark Prisma) Arg
Razael (Sacred Sound) Serbia
Sator Arepo (Hypnotica) Germany
Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma) Swiss
Shotu (Bom Shanka) France
Sonic System (Freak) Italia
Synthetik Chaos (Bom Shanka) France
Technical Hitch (Future) Israel
The Dog of Tears (Xexify) USA
Tromo (Sonic Loom) Greece
Tsubi (Forestdelic) Hungary
Tyndra (Catar) Spain
Vert3x (Psynon) Cyprus
Virtuanoise (Freak) Italy
Whiptounge (Looney Moon) Brazil
Will o Wisp (Osom) Argentina
Xenrox (Kamino) Austria
Yabba Dabba (Sangoma) France
Yara (Deviant Force) Venezuela
Yarakavian (Deviant Force) Venezuela
& Surprise
தாமரை – Stage5AM (The Rust Music) USA
A.C. Lyon (Xexify) USA
Aqua Verde (DMT-FM) Australia
Aeuum (Psyght) Slovenia
Akshan (Altar) France
Alex & Alina (AstroPilot) Russia
Ancient Core (Melusine) Romania
Angebot (Sofa Beats) Denmark
Aquiver (Desert Trax) Israel
Argot Digamma (Argot Digamma) Swiss
Art of Fact (Independent) USA
Asura (Altar) France
Atati (Dreaming Awakening) Ukraine
Balancé (Moondance) Portugal
Banco de Gaia (Disco Gecko) UK
Bayawaka (Merkaba) Germany
Benzinho (Shanti Planti) France
Black Sun (Polygroup) Switzerland
Bogtrotter (Independent) USA
Brødo (Orbita Parvati) Italy
Chlorophil (Synchronos) USA
Comrade (MIGMA Collective) Italy
Cosmicleaf (Cosmicleaf) Greece
Dalton Trance Teleport (Yun) Serbia
Dhamika (Altar) Sweden
Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis) France
Etnica in Dub (EtnicaNet) Italy
Far Beyond (Altar) Macedonia
Gabriel Le Mar (Carpe Sonum Novum) UK
Gaudi (Universal, Six Degrees) UK
Globular (Feel Life Music ) UK
Green Beats (Nutek Chill) Spain
Grouch in Dub (Zenon) New Zealand
Hadron Orchestra (Chameleon) Hungary
Halfred (Merkaba Music) Italy
Hang Massive (Hang) Sweden / UK
Hardiness (Independent) Swiss
Hibernation (Interchill) UK
Hideyo Blackmoon (Space Tepee) Japan
Hinkstep (Mystic Sound) Sweden
Hoogshagenii (Soundmute) Switzerland
I.D.M. (Altar) Mexico
Iguana (Parvati) Germany
Irina Mikailova (Sheba) USA
Jaia (Tribal Vision) France
Jakare (Indra’s Garden) Italy
Johnny Blue (Mikelabella) Cyprus
Karmarama (Mystic Sound) Greece
Kaya Project (Interchill) UK
Kayro (Independent) Italy
Kliment (Zenon) Bulgaria
Koan (Blue Tunes) Russia
Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella) Israel
Kyoto (Astropilot Music) Russia
Lab’s Cloud (Altar) Spain
Lo.Renzo (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy
Loopus In Fabula (Fabula) Italy
LXR Project (Distrokid) Cambodia
Maluns (Cosmicleaf) Switzerland
Man Of No Ego (Independent) Bulgaria
Marcus Henrkisson (Home) Sweden
Mental (Orbita Parvati) Italy
Merlin (Altar) India
Mikrokosmos (Vapour) Switzerland
Mirror System (A-Wave) UK
Mobitex (Altar) Israel
Naan (Shanti Planti) Italy
Nango Manchay (Desert Trax) UK
Neurodriver (Lowering The Tone) UK
Nimba (Avatar) USA
Noya Project (SarnarSchourt) Portugal
Øhmar (Independent) Israel
Økapi (Folderol) Italy
Ott (Independent) USA
Photosynthesis (Ultimae) Italy
Prem Joshua-Concert (White) Germany
Prisma (Dark Prisma) Argentina
Raijin Gaijin (Mikelabella) Israel
Razael in Dub (Sacred Sound) Serbia
Robin Triskele (LSD) UK
Saafi Brothers (LSD) Germany
Samaya (Shivelight) Netherlands
Sephira (BMSS) UK
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf) Greece
Sigil (Merkaba) Portugal
Sorian (Mikelabella) Israel
Stellardrone (Energostatic) Lithuania
Suduaya (Altar) France
Symbolico (Feel Life Music) Israel
Tajmahal (Electrik Dream) France
Terra Nine (Sofa Beats) New Zealand
The Flying Mars (Mindspring) Swiss
The Oddness (Sofa Beats) Australia
Thorazin (Triple Drop) Mexico
Tryptophant (Sinewave) Germany
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision) Sweden
Vlastur (Parvati) Greece
Yestegan chaY (Independent) Israel
Younger Brother (Twisted) UK
Zen Baboon (Feel Life) Portugal
Zen Racoon (Iboga) Portugal
Zero Cult (Cosmicleaf) Israel
& Surprise
天邊 – StageAdama (Zenon) Israel
Ananda Shake (Zoo Music) Israel
Anficlavis (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Animato (HOM-Mega) Israel
Antix (Iboga) New Zealand
Aquafeel (Spintwist) Greece
Arctika (Blue Tunes) Switzerland
Atmos (Iboga) Sweden
Bizzare Contact (Mainstage) Israel
Caemix (Independent) Switzerland
Creator (Tesseract) Switzerland
Critical Choice (Iboga) Denmark
D-Nox & Beckers (Selador) Germany
Devin (Tribal Vision) Switzerland
Diego (Narmada) Switzerland
Dirty Hippy (Zenon) UK
DM-Theory (Ibogatech) UK
Drift Away (Iono Music) Denmark
Ectima (Tesseract) Serbia
Egorythmia (Iboga) Macedonia
Eitan Carmi (Fatali Music) Israel
Eitan Reiter (Armadillo) Israel
Emiri (Tesseract Studio) Japan
Emok (Iboga) Denmark
Estefano Haze (Iono) Denmark
Even11 (Tribal Vision) France
Evil Oil Man (Zenon) UK
F-Rat (Moonstone) Israel
Face Design (Tesseract) Switzerland
Faders (Tech Safari) Israel
Fiord (Mirabilis) New Zealand
Flegma (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
Flow Job (Iono) Denmark
Gaudium (Iboga) Sweden
GMO (Blue Tunes) Germany
Grouch (Zenon) New Zealand
Headweller (Tesseract) Greece
Hellquist (Zenon) Sweden
Human Element (Iboga) Switzerland
Hypnagog (Kinematic) Australia
Hypogeo (Zenon) Italy
Jaia (Tribal Vision) France
James Reipas (Exogenic) Finland
Kasey Taylor (Vapour) Australia
Kliment (Zenon) Bulgaria
Kromagon (Zenon) US
Krumelur (Zenon) Sweden
Kynethik (24/7) Italy
Liftshift (Zero1) Netherlands
Lish (Iboga) Israel
Loopus In Fabula (Fabula) Italy
Lyktum (Iono) Serbia
M-Theory (Alchemy) Italy
M.Solez (Narmada) Switzerland
Maitika (Digital Om) France
Martin (Iboga) Switzerland
Melt (Intermind) Australia
Metronome (Blue Tunes) Sweden
Millivolt (Zenon) Switzerland
Mindsurfer (Sinsonic) Switzerland
Minimalcircle (Narmada) Germany
Minoru (Iono) Germany
Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes) Germany
Morten Granau (Spintwist) Denmark
Müstik (Index) Switzerland
MVMB (Iboga) Sweden / Denmark
Nyah (HClan) Switzerland
Out Of Orbit (Shamanic Tales) Israel
Perfect Stranger (Iboga) Israel
Ritmo (Iboga) Israel
Rocky (Iboga) Israel
Rumble Pack – Retro (Moontwist) Swiss
Ryanosaurus (Zenon) Australia
Sensient (Zenon) Australia
Sesto Sento – Retro Set (Planet B.E.N.) Israel
Shadow Chronicles (Future) ZA
Shadow FX (Zenon) Australia
Sideform (Iboga) Serbia
Silent Sphere (Iboga) Switzerland
Sinerider (24/7) UK
Son Kite aka Markus Herik. (Iboga) SWE
Sourone (Zenon) Poland
Suduaya (Altar) France
Sumiruna (Zenon) Australia
Suntree (Iono) Israel
Suspect One (Underground) Switzerland
Symphonix (Blue Tunes) Germany
System 7 (A-Wave) UK
Terrafractyl (Kinematic) Australia
Tetrameth (Zenon) Australia
Triforce (Zenon) Australia
True Lies (Blue Tunes) Germany
Twisted Siblings (Weapon) Australia
Val Vashar (Zenon) Croatia
Vertex (Tesseract) Serbia
Vibrasphere (Tribal Vision) Sweden
Visua (Tesseract Studio) Mexico
X-Dream (Flying Rhino) Germany
Yahel – Retro Set (Regroup) Israel
Yar Zaa (Mosaico) Spain
Yestermorrow (Iono) Portugal
& Surprise

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Festival

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