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Interview: Kai Tracid // Dreamstate Rewind.. Two Massive Collabs.. What’s Next?



“I don´t care about musical genres – music has to be emotional.“

German producer, DJ and songwriter Kai Tracid, known since the mid-’90s for pioneering the combination of Trance and Acid, and his record label “Tracid Traxxx”, is back!

His sound is always straight forward and essential, often using the Roland TB 303 to produce hypnotic ACID odysseys combined with a strong emotional melody part. Beginning of the early 90s, the self-taught musician worked for Frank Farian, with whom he learned a lot about mixing and producing. Platinum- and Gold-Records were the result.

Kai Tracid had his national breakthrough in 1997 with his first single Your Own Reality. His international breakthrough came the following year with the release of the song Liquid Skies. Both tracks later appeared on the debut album Skywalker 1999.

Songs from Tracid’s second artist album Trance & Acid are still played worldwide by renowned A-list DJ’s, some 18 years after their original release. These include the single Life Is Too Short; his first Top-10 hit in the German Single Charts, Too Many Times and the timeless Trance & Acid.

Armed with a fine ear for both underground and festival Sounds, his DJ skills saw him performing at some of the world’s top-event venues such as Timewarp, Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Creamfields and Dreamstate.

With three artist albums to his name already, keep an eye out for the forthcoming 4th Kai Tracid album!

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MrtranceMovement: Regarded as the “King of Kings” in electronic dance music, Kai Tracid has been getting tons of support this past year coming off his highly talked about Dreamstate performance and two massive collaborations that have been topping the charts. What is next for Kai?

Hello Kai! Thank you very much for taking some time out for a little chat. In the current state of things around the world, music always is the answer!

Kai: Thanks Douglas for having me. It´s amazing to see that people are still interested in my work after all the year’s . Yes music is the key.

Lets go back to last year’s Dreamstate in SoCal, as I’m sure it was a a major highlight for you and has had a impact on your music career being “rebooted”. The reaction and support from your USA supporters must have been a great feeling. 

Kai: Yes, thanks to everyone for the support. It was a good feeling and it gave me a lot of motivation power. It also opens the possibility for a USA tour because the promoters of the clubs and festivals saw that there is a market for Kai Tracid in the US. Thank you!

Congrats on hitting two million spotify streams on your collab with “Moguai”. DT 64 has been getting plays all over the world and supported by some amazing techno & trance djs. Can you shed some light about the collab with Moguai. 

Kai: We met in Poland on a rave and talked about a collab. When i came home i took my roland tb303 which i bought 25 years ago and started programming acid lines. . The next day i sent him the acid line. He liked it and sent me back the piano melody for the break in the song. Then it took about 3-4 months and always good vibes from him. Mogaui made contact with Oliver Helden. Him and his team liked the song and want to release it. I played it the very first time on SoCal and i was super nervous and also got that feeling that the drop is missing something. I stopped the release plan with heldeep and told them i need a bit more time for the final Master. 🙂 A new TB 303 acid line for the drop and a slow down effect just before the kick were the changes. The first responses from the Dj Promo was not very good so we all thought this track would not be successful. I send it to Wehbba and Anna by myself and they startet to support it very early. Thanks again! On the release day everything changed and the sales on Beatport were looking great. Even David Guetta sent a message to Oliver saying he needed that track badly. 

Kai: i am very happy with the track. Thanks again to Moguai who kicked my ass to finish it. 

So is there a 4th artist album in the works? Anything exclusive you can share with me?

Kai: I am working on it. I’ve got some ideas that i started and also shared on my Instagram. Please check them out and tell me if you like them. I also have the idea to make an album which will be called something like „… in a modern style“ where i use some of my old melodies in a new track. I am struggling a bit that i do not have my own label anymore which would make me able to release on my own.

Relating to the last question; The one thing that is on the mind of most people..Tracid Traxx! Can we see a rebirth? And what current producers would you like to see release tracks on it.

Kai: At the moment i am looking for the best way to get tracid traxxx back on start. I am not a business man, so will find out who can help me with it. 

What are you currently working on in the studio?

Kai: Just finished my collab with my old friend Frank (A*S*Y*S*). Check it out, you may like it. its called Freedom of expression. 

What is your current day by day routine coping with the current events?

Kai: First of all i am thankful that we are living in a stable country and my newborn son and my wife are safe. I have my new build studio in my basement so whenever i feel inspired i can go there and have fun playing with the synthesizers. Looking forward to be able to travel and play my music infront of people because that is where i got my motivation from. 

Awake Croatia 2020

Posted by Kai Tracid on Thursday, June 18, 2020

The support for your discography within the techno scene the past year by the likes of Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens & Nina Kraviz have been amazing. Its really great to see women making a huge impact and recognition in the scene. Your thoughts? 

Kai: This is huge form me. You know it was always my dream to create something that would last a bit longer. And now, seeing the big players in the business play my nearly 20 years old songs on festival where people still like it, is amazing for me. 

Checking your socials, I’ve noticed Elvis is one of your idols; as in mine! Tell me more!

Kai: As a kid I had these little turntables and some 45 RPM singles from him and i always dreamed about becoming a singer and songwriter. Later in school the teacher told me to just shut my mouth and not to sing with the others because i was disturbing the choir. So then I decided I wanted to learn the guitar. But I soon found out i was not patient enough for it. So i started break dancing and graffiti to express myself. 

When events around the world start getting re-booked, where would you like to play first?

Kai: I want to continue where i stopped because of the situation. United States would be amazing for me. 

What techno & trance producers would you love to work with in the near future?

Kai: I did a collab with Ramon Tapia which will be out there later this year. i also already talked to Wehbba, who invited me to his studio in Barcelona. I started a song with Jam El from Jam&Spoon who is one of my heroes.  And i am very happy i did the recent track together with Frank. I still remember 25 years ago when we we where studio neighbors and we had now clue what we were doing. 🙂  Now its about having fun and making music – anything else doesn’t matter much. Thats the beauty if you don’t have a manager. Nobody pushes you to make big business. Life is too short.

Any last words for your supporters around the world?

Kai: As I said, thanks for your support. I appreciate it and hope i can give you back some music with emotions. 

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