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Interview: A New Version “Renegade System” Is Available for Upgrade! 2019 Rewind…



Hey Thomas, How’s it going? 2019 is wrapping up in weeks! What a year it has been for yourself! Share with me some of the major highlights  that stood out for you the most.

All good my man! It definitely has been a year to remember for sure with events and releases. Major gig highlights would have to be making my Australian debut for Disorder in Melbourne (massive shout to those guys), Dox’Art Festival in France, playing the Luminosity Afterparty at Panama, Gasworks in Enniskillen was definitely one of my favourites this year as well, always love playing in my home country! To be honest, every gig this year has been amazing, always appreciate the opportunity to play my music at events. Track wise, ‘Don’t Give Up’ with my good friend David Rust comes out top, we are still both loving playing this one and always goes down well, being on stage with David & Shugz at Subculture Belfast debuting this is something I’ll never forget (I still watch the video lol). Plus having exclusive tracks on some top compilations like Skullduggery and Afterdark LA has been amazing too, being able to showcase Hard Trance on major Trance labels is mindblowing for me, so huge thanks to Greg Downey, Stoneface & Terminal & Sneijder for having me onboard. Also a must mention is my debut on Outburst Twilight (which is out right now 😉 ) which has been a goal of mine for quite a few years as I’m a huge fan of Mark and the label. Pretty stacked year!  

What is 2020 looking like? Can you tell me some exclusives that are in the in works and what you have planned?

2020 is shaping up to be another busy year with some great bookings coming in, which I can’t announce just yet but I’m very much excited about getting out and about gigging and playing my music to everyone. I’m very much looking forward to playing for We Are You in March again in Liverpool, always a great night and top promoters as well. I’ve also locked in a few releases to kick off the year, expect a few more tech releases as well as PLENTY of Hard Trance. Oh and there’s a nice remix coming up of an old classic as well, should be able to drop info on this one soon 😉

Who are you looking to possibly collaborate with in the coming year?

Well it’s kind of a given that I’ll be getting back in the studio with David Rust again, we have actually just finished up a cheeky rework exclusively for our sets so listen out for that one! Also been grinding in the studio recently with another close friend and former Space Brother Liam Melly and we currently have 2 tracks almost nailed and have plenty more in the works so very much looking forward to get those out there. Also a collaboration with Scottish producer Ashley Smith is approaching the final stages, its been in the works for almost a year. I dropped a test version at Luminosity and it definitely about time we wrapped that up. Ashley is an unreal producer and I’m sure we will do more in the future. Lots of other collaborations are being planned as well, it will be a very interesting year!

What’s going on with your album? Is it still something you’re working on? I think the way your releasing quality productions is just fine with me! 😊

Ah the album project. To be honest I did finish an album last year but it didn’t turn out how I really wanted it to. Instead of sounding like an album, which personally I think should flow like a story, it turned out like a collection of tracks so I kind of binned the idea and released a lot of the tracks as singles. At the moment I am just focusing on getting singles and ep’s out there instead of working on a 12-15 track album, I’m not ruling it out indefinitely as something that could be done in the future though. A Renegade System album would have to be a collection of everything I love making from chilled ambient stuff to hard as nails tracks. I have a lot of unreleased material and projects in the works, so you can rest assured there will be no shortage of new music coming.

Any last words for yourself and your fans?

I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported me and my music over the years, it has been incredible and I am always grateful to not only showcase my music but Hard Trance as a whole. I hope to see you all at upcoming events. Also a big thanks to all the labels, artists, my management and colleagues I have ever worked with. #hardtrancerevolution

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