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Top 7 Trance Tracks of November 2019



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Check out some of my top tracks for the month of November. Keeping the energy & feels high are seven tracks from the likes of Greg Downey, Indecent Noise, Darren Porter & Jak Aggas, Neptune Project & Darren Tate, Will Atkinson & Gary Maguire, Kinetica and Adrenaline Dept. These household names in trance music continue to show me originality in the scene. Each have their own sound and amazing to say the least. Let me know what your favorite tracks of the month were in the comments below!

Greg Downey – Elephant [Skullduggery]

Greg Downey, an artist who specializes in futuristic music, paving the Skullduggery movement with Midnight, P45, Razor and Loco, we are now delighted to bring you this next masterpiece – Elephant. Fuzing hypnotising arps, razor sharp acids, groove, drive and bass, this record is next level.

Darren Porter & Jak Aggas – Transonic

From the hands of Darren Porter and Jak Aggas comes a sonic tremor unlike any you’ve ever heard. With blistering kick drums, rattling bass and melodies that turn the heat of the moment into a blazing inferno, ‘Transonic’ is that one track responsible for laying clubs and mainstages in ruin across the globe.

Will Atkinson & Gary Maguire – Dog With Six Dix (Extended Mix)

Gary Maguire joins the Victims Helpline (a la Big Bills signature stroke), to concuct a suitably wonky wigwam of a record in the form of the beautifully titled Dog With Six Dix. It’s big, bold and brazen with six sets of brass balls that literally smash against your chin like a barn door in a hurricane. After Crash Helmet and then this – we think it’s safe (bus) to say this label will be an impossible monster to control and all who stand in its path should be prepared to take a load in the face.

Kinetica – The Rattler

Another stormer from Kinetica on Stoneface & Terminal’s Clandestine label.

Indecent Noise – Contact

Devastating tech!

Darren Tate & Neptune Project – The Cosmos In You [Mondo Records]

Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project) is back on Mondo Records with two brand new collaborations which we are super excited about. His latest release begins with a lush journey featuring rising trance superstar Azotti. A name that Mondo fans will be no stranger to, having delivered countless hits on the label over the years. Together they have crafted the sublime sounds of ‘The Solstice’. The track is a silky smooth journey through sweeping pads and lush melodies, to epic moments and pure trance ecstasy. Continuing this momentum, the next track on the release features Neptune Project, who again are no strangers to the trance fraternity. Teaming up with Darren, the fruits of their labour is the spellbinding track ‘The Cosmos In You’. A truly sensational masterpiece that encompasses a killer hook, lush orchestral moments and bags of uplifting energy throughout. Do not miss this two essential trance masterpieces!

Adrenaline Dept. – Destination (Inversed Remix)

Adrenaline Dept continues to move from strength to strength with ‘Destination’. His solo production debut on HQ is yet another facet of Harder Trance. Driving rhythm and heart-melting melodic progression. It will be at home on just about any dancefloor you care to grace it with. On remix duties, Belfast native, Inversed, turns in a more acidic and uplifting interpretation that incorporates that beautiful melody deeper into the track for even more feels. Both versions will please any trance fan. Enjoy!

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