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5 Things We Learned About Trance Addicts Who Attended Luminosity Beach Festival 2019 – June 27th – 30th



Luminosity Beach Festival connects dedicated trance fans from over 80 countries every year and with this year it saw a spike in social media chatter like no other. A significant amount of attendees took to their phones and hopped on social media to moan, cry, complain and attention seek whilst a majority of the festival goers kept their phones off and enjoyed this one of a kind retreat. The festival itself has gained huge global popularity this year that the team behind the Luminosity Events will be seeking a new venue next year to accommodate the rising interest for trance addicts to come and spend a weekend in trance heaven. Check out the five things we learned about trance addicts who attended this weekends event below. Lets not provoke it as we all know many more unnecessary and stupid complaints and requests were brought up.

  • Long Lines At Entrance: Well what do you honestly expect for an event of this magnitude? Staff & Security can work only as fast as they can while ensuring the protection and safety of the event goers. Arrive earlier. Be Happy!
  • It’s Too Hot: Drink more water! Stay hydrated, find a shaded area for a minutes and pace yourself. Be Happy!
  • Late Start/ Lower Sound: The city council had put a temporary restriction on the event last minute and people were unhappy. Hey it could’ve been worse.. be glad the City Council didn’t locked up the venue. I’m pretty sure the team had done everything in their power to help relieve all issues. Be happy it was still put on. Be Happy!
  • Packed Venue: Really? This is what all promoters & venues strive for in all nightlife & food and restaurant businesses. This is what keeps the events going each day and night. Business 101. Again Security & Event planners keep an eye all of its patrons for safety & security. Be Happy!
  • For the love of … Stay off Social Media During an Event: Grab your favorite outfit, make sure you have your keys, wallet and any other nesccary items.. walk in the venue.. turn off your damn cell phones.. stop idolizing your favorite dj by watching him or her with your eyes and looking like a zombie half the time and FCUKN DANCE like it was 1999. Be Happy!

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