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#Trancefamily, Help Renee( A Classic Trance Lover ) Conquer Multiple Sclerosis!



Dear #Trancefamily across the world, a few months ago I met Renee through my old job working in a pizzeria. She used to come in a few times a week and we instantly connected. She told me that she was living with multiple sclerosis for a number of years but that did not stop me from seeing her beautiful strong heart and I took a leap on Valentines day and asked her for her #. She said yes! The following weeks we began hanging out at her place and began to get to know each other on a deeper level. Did i mention she loves trance music like me 🙂 I strongly believe we are meant to cross paths with certain people in our life time for reasons that only believers will truly understand. I want to see her rid of the things in her past experiences so she can be cleansed and live a better life. I mentioned to her about an old plant medicine in Peru that has been proven to do things to the mind body & soul to help overcome and permanent rid of foul diseases and conditions. I hope you can help her it would mean the world to her and myself for your donation. Thank you! Love & Happiness Doug / Founder of United States Trance Movement –

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