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Interview: DJ Darroo Talks 2019! New Music & FSD Pharma



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DJ Darrroo from Toronto Canada has been djing and producing since 16 years of age he had played at many venues such as D2 , Room 19 , Viva nightclub , The government , pulse , afterlife , the docks , the basement up to about 2011 when he acquired a disabling illness called Chronic fatigue syndrome and auto immune chemical sensitivity. David grew up around Markham Chinatown his brother is half Chinese. David is originally born in Estonia has late father was Ukrainian and they immigrated to Canada when he was young. After the passing away of his father due to non Hodgkin lymphoma on 2001 his grandmother tried to offset the pain by getting him a pair of turntables. David’s journey into music began long before getting the turntables he played classical piano and had his first and last performance when he was 7 years old around North York civic centre hall back many years ago. After trying to learn how to spin with real vinyl records he made a mix cd and submitted to management where he was working part time as a bathroom cleaner after the club closes he would be cleaning up people’s vomit after they over-drank at afterhours club room 19 located at pacific mall back in 2003. He was surprised when management accepted his role of DJ usually from 10-2:30am David opened the night with rotation of other djs followed by DJ chiclet until the early morning of 7am. His peer djs older then him at the time Dj Henri , DJ kutz & Dj key. After the closing of the venue David moved on to viva nightclub which had 1 million dollar sound and lighting system with frequent international bookings it was harder to play there as a resident David decided too get a job flyering for international headliners, at the time trance addict were the main promoters of the venue as well as Winfred and Walter rosati. David was given a few times to play there aswell and it was massive . You. Can search on YouTube viva nightclub dumonde and NuNRG to see the amazing light show . David was approached by fuel productions afterwards to throw some parties exclusively on his own he was the headliner for fuel productions. In 2011 David had to stop doing due to health deterioration, now he mostly produces music for others to play. His role models for music composition were Canada’s very own aponaut a hard trance group which mentored David it some aspects of music production to raise his quality and knowledge …great support from United Kingdom when aponaut introduced David to M-zone and Mark EG and ever since then has been producing hard trance music for the next generation

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Hi David, Hope 2019 has been positive for you like it has for me. It’s been a good two years since we’ve last sat down together. Much has happened! So let’s get into it!

You’ve had a number of releases both on the digital outlets such as Beat Port, Juno Downloads & ITunes as well in private with gigantic releases on Hyper Reality, Infused Traxx and UK44. Tell me more about that and how the fans can get more involved.

DJ Darroo: Thanks Douglas

Mick Marshall also known as M-Zone has setup a subscription service based from United Kingdom where people have the option to pay £20 a year which includes back catalogue of more than 1500 songs from various artists from that network which includes some of my productions over the years. M-Zone / UK44 Records have come to an agreement to have some of my tunes be produced and added roughly 1-2 tracks per month as an incentive to keep the pool growing. Hard Trance music is a specialty throughout the world of dance music so we like to keep it underground but hear it played in all sorts of parties around the world.

You may contact M-Zone for membership directly it is an easy process then you have the ability to check from time to time for new releases from the special dedicated server. This also gives you full control of Copyright which means YouTube and Facebook won’t ban your videos and you can make DJ Video Sets online without having copyright claims harass you on behalf of 3rd party enforcers, which usually do takedown notices or mute the audio. We have seen this before on Soundcloud as well.

Tell me about one of your latest productions “RAVE FACE 2018”

DJ Darroo: Right so Rave Face was a special production that I have done in the late 2018. I tried to mimic that old-school offbeat slided TB303 bassline. Along with a strong beat and bass, leading the way lead synthesizer that I used was chosen to represent the story. The listener likes to hear an emotional note that they follow with their eardrums. I think all hard trance music should make people feel some kind of emotion while the music resonates through the audio spectrum. I believe Hard Trance Music captures this perfectly. You need a good sound system to truly feel the impact hard trance makes while the pitch of the bass changes with the melody as time goes by. I was blessed with Mark EG on song mastering duty, he is brilliant and made sure it had the UMPH character of the track. Outstanding work Thank you Mark EG! Any news producers out there that want to learn how to produce you can sign up to Mark EG`s Music School and learn the tricks of the trade.

What’s next in the coming months for “DJ Darroo”! Tell me something exclusive and or what you have been working on.

The next few months I am going to be taking it easy and will focus on 1-2 songs per month. I have been getting a lot of side effects from my health issues gut issues, neurological issues so going to take it easy. I have been focused on contributing anyway I can to the music scene I am happy I have made a lot of friends in the international digital community due to music. Music has a way of drawing out a person’s inner spirit and no matter what language you speak at home, music is universal language we can all feel. I will continue to create music when I am physically able too due to my CFS condition I can only dedicate about 30 minutes a week for music these days and rest often. I encourage the artist veterans to continue teaching the new generations so they can lead the way.

The harder side of trance music seems to be gaining more and more support every day! Exciting times.

Besides doing music, you’re also involved in the Medical Marijuana field with focus on a company called FSD Pharma for a number of months now, can you tell us a bit about that?

DJ Darroo: Sure thing! Aside from music I like to dive deep into the field of medicine and biotech due to my own illness. I am happy to show support to FSD Pharma which is a company that I think will strive to create medicines that could potentially help people and patients from all around the world ranging from all sorts of ailments. I stumbled across this company, a few months back around a month after their debut on Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HUGE.

Along with some friends we started an Investment group called FSD Pharma Huge Investors, HUGE is symbolic and mimicking the former gigantic Kraft Facility located in Cobourg Ontario. We created the investors group on our own accord as way to bond with other investors and likeminded people, who also believe in the future this company. There is a lot of misinformation and fake news from various online forums and outlets. We created this page in order to create a healthy awareness about the cannabis space with daily posts from cannabis industry related news in Canada and the World. We also post the FSD Pharma News releases when they become available. So far this community of FSD investors has grown to over 3500 people. Which I am extremely proud of.

Once in a while we do Q&A with Co –Chairman of the board Anthony Durkacz via live stream where investors get the chance to ask questions, as well as organize in person tours for everyone to see progress with infrastructure as time goes by. Zeeshan Saeed spoils us every so often and comes on to talk to us investors every now and then. Even Canntab Therapeutics one of FSD Pharma`s collaboration partners CEO Jeff Renwick is in our group and interacts with investors. I think this engagement is amazing. So I believe in the past 7 months we had created something special.

I am looking to organize facility tour in late spring so people can see progress on buildout. I believe this is great because the board of directors are responsive to investors which shows transparency. It is a unique time to be on the social media space where we can have unique interaction with this amazing company. I believe they are trying to show us that our hard earned money which we invested in is being respected. I know there are Non-disclosure Agreements and other legal obstacles which sometimes prevents FSD from telling everything to investors, and in doing so protects the company going forward which I am ok with I think if we continue this format as FSD evolves overtime everyone should be happy with this format of interaction.

We started the page as a hobby and are not employees, we are investors and we don’t get paid by FSD we do this from our hearts. There are other investor groups out there for other LP`s as well.

Right now we are all waiting for the sales license there is a rigorous process in place which Health Canada has strict oversight of, to make sure all rules and regulations of the Cannabis Act are followed. FSD has 25,000 Sq. Ft grow space that is currently growing cannabis for medical purposes. Recently announced its processing license which is a step in the right direction.

I believe once FSD acquires the sales license in the near future, assuming off course they pass all inspections and Health Canada criteria, they then would be able to create a revenue stream and continue their mission on becoming the largest indoor hydroponic facility in the world while creating meaningful strategic investments into medicines of the future. This is my own hypothesis but anything can happen since nobody can predict the future so always do your due diligence and talk to your licensed financial advisor for advice, we are not professionals so always research and ask as many questions as you can from your licensed financial advisor.

Co Chairman of the board Anthony Durkacz, & Zeeshan Saeed & CEO Raza Bokhari have been working hard to bring FSD to another level, last year there were a few bumps along the way but it seems everything is going according to their plan to become the biggest indoor hydroponic facility in the world. There is a possibility that in the next 6-9 years to have 3.89M sq. ft. facility built out at capacity, growing high quality indoor hydroponic medical marijuana. As more countries start to legalize medical marijuana FSD can pivot themselves in the right direction. Raza Bokhari has been seen with many political leaders from the USA and it’s my hopes that this would be part of the long term strategy once USA legalizes on the federal level for medicinal marijuana just like other nations around the world have been doing including Mexico and even Thailand. I think people who were against this plant are starting to wake up after not trying it for 40 years, are seeing value at a therapeutic level. I have known opioid addicts that got amazing relief from the Cannabinoid oils who were not only addicts before but were also diabetics and reduced their need for the harmful opioid medications due to chronic pain.

Moving forward I hope FSD will be profitable in the next 18 months as described by Anthony Durkacz on Midas Letter show. Investors hope to see New York Stock Exchange listing within the next 2 quarters. FSD is currently expanding their buildout for the 220,000 Sq ft expansion that is concurrent from their 25,000 that’s in full production mode as we speak.

Any last words for the readers?

DJ Darroo: Take care of your health, enjoy music, nurture your spirit, and try to do our part in helping humanity these are important topics I think as citizens of planet earth. It is important to take care of each other no matter where you come from. We are on the clock and you never know when we can pass away, cherish the time you have now and be happy. Humanity needs Cannabinoid molecules to hopefully create nontoxic alternatives to medicinal therapeutics and new medications to help people with chronic illness as well as lift stigma and red tape around treatment options in the cannabis space. I think if USA legalizes medical marijuana it will be the equivalency of waking up a huge giant and hopefully great things will fall into place and stigma is resolved over time, I believe that this wonderful plant can heal, we need more research to unlock its potential and I believe the research has already arrived.

Keep supporting your favourite musical artists, share their music, play it out in the clubs, play it in the car, play it at work, comment and share often, human interaction are important to keep artists to keep them motivated on making more music! The ultimate thing you can do for artists is get a booking for them to play live, we need more events to share this form of musical expression. My impairments will forever limit my ability to DJ live however I am inspired for other capable musicians to lead the way!

Thank you for your time and look forward for the future! Believe in the plant, lift the red tape, and let’s see what happens, Thank you

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