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Best of 2018 | Top Trance Tracks of ’18 | Part 3 ( Top 50 )



With the year wrapping up in a matter of weeks many artists, labels and fans are reflecting back on the year and the amazing moments it brought them. With that being said many media outlets dedicated to the electronic dance music scene will be putting together news articles showcasing the “Best of”. Look out in the coming days and weeks for some of my “Best of” in the trance music genre. This year it looks like Tech-Trance was a major highlight in the charts and events across the world. Next year I have a feeling the harder sound will continue and hard trance will be on top again. Check out my favorite Trance tunes this year in a NON Ranking list.

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Sneijder – Neutralize (HP Source Remix)
HP Source joins the Afterdark team with a master class in progressive tech trance. Old Skool influence with futuristic production quality equals their massive take on one of last year’s biggest tracks.

MaRLo – Enough Echo
Reverberating in stadiums and clubs alike, MaRLo’s ‘Enough Echo’ is that one tune that always seems to bounce back to your favorite playlist. Armed with an ultra-anthemic melody, entrancing sound effects and a massive bassline, this cut is the answer to your pleas.

Lostly – Echoes In Oslo
Lostly is back on FSOE with the brilliant Echoes In Oslo, a track that’s been an anthem for Aly & Fila for the past few months.

Billy Gillies – Power
We welcome Billy Gillies to Damaged with a debut release, Power! Heavy bass, a beautiful breakdown and a devastating drop!

The Noble Six – Black Star
This is one of the stand-out tracks from Factor B’s Disc 3 of Pure Trance 6. Noble Six needs no introduction, so let’s get to the music, ‘Black Star’ has hallmarks of famed German label Prolekult releases from back-in-the-day; gated & filtering synth layers and pounding percussion provide the backbone, with ethnic vocal samples, arpeggiated piano notes, an intense euphoric lead riff & enough soundtrack-esque FX to make Hans Zimmer wet himself. Wicked.

XLS – Confusion (Original Mix)
Confusion brings a slightly different sound to the EP, abandoning anything resembling a melody in favour of stuttering synths, trippy echos, and a classic vocal sample from the early days of electronic music.

Renegade System – Fer-De-Lance
Renegade Hardware manages to perfectly blend emotional trance landscapes with a thundering tech trance groove.

Darren Porter – Inertia
Darren Porter is back on FSOE with the incredible Inertia. The king of melodic hooks drops another soaring anthem of epic proportions.

System Breaker – Sleep Paralysis
The artist behind Systembreaker has already got quite a few different monikers in place with a variety of styles, but for this project the direction is strictly tech-trance. His debut single Sleep Paralysis is so packed full of energy it’s bursting at the seams! Jagged and techy saw synths cut their way through a powerful tech-meets-psy groove, right up to a hard-trance drop that will destroy any unsuspecting dancefloor! Bed-wetters beware, this one will be giving you night terrors for weeks!

Renegade System – Hurricane
Slamming rolling tech trance from Renegade System as he makes his debut on Clandestine. Hurricane has a touch of classic Marco V sound to it, while keeping fresh and exciting.

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