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Album Review: Richard Durand – The Air We Breathe | Blackhole Recordings



Allow us to catch you up… It’s been six years since Richard Durand sent us his boldly high-concept ‘Richard Durand Versus The World’ album. It’s reasonable to say that in the meantime his outlook on many aspects of life – both personal and professional – have shifted.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard or reviewed anything from Richard Durand, but this holiday season brings us his new artist album ‘The Air We Breathe’.

The album expresses an abundance of euphoric melodies, as well as some serious hard-hitting floor bangers.  Every track is an illustration of a variety of sounds and styles.  Many of which seem to represent a darker underlying theme, with significantly uplifting old soul trance music.  In fact, the album seems to be defined by its quick beats, captivating breaks and penetrating drops.  The title track, The Air I Breathe, includes two versions.  One encompasses a more mainstream sound with the hypnotic vocals of Christina Novelli, while the other is more fitting with the rest of the album’s style. Both are indeed are a great listen.  Other collaborations on this album include energetic tracks with Mark Sherry, Sied van Riel & Marco V.

Overall a revitalizing, uplifting and emotional compilation of sound that we would most certainly recommend to all trance enthusiasts.


01. Insolidus (with Geert Huinink) (Intro Mix)
02. The Air I Breathe
03. Land Of Angels
04. Kill The Fear (with Mike Schmid)
05. Geert Huinink – The Sacred Vine (Richard Durand Remix)
06. The Skies Above
07. Aida
08. Lotus
09. Universal Minds (with Sied van Riel)
10. Pandora
11. Cosmic Dawn (with Mark Sherry)
12. Vortex (with Marco V)
13. Toxic
14. Savage
15. Pelican Rouge
16. Boogieman
17. Enigma
18. Lagun
19. The Air I Breathe (with Christina Novelli)

By Deb Graynor – ( United States Trance Movement )
Rating: 8/10

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