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MrTranceMovement Presents – Halloween Party Monster Mix – Mixed By Remnis



This set was made by Remnis from the Netherlands! Remnis is part of the Back in Time initiative, which has a weekly show on Real Hardstyle Radio, and is a former FearFM resident. This time, he made us a vinyl mix with a Halloween theme! Expect some sinister vocals, screeching acid and banging kicks!

00. DJ Arne L II – R.I.P. (Accapella)
01. 2XLC – Darkness
02. Kaylab. – Phantom of the Club (Ten Feet Under The House Remix)
03. Twinax – Braindead (Original Mix)
04. Klinisch Tot – Klinisch Tot (Wiederbelebungs Mix)
05. Schwarze Puppen – Schwarze Puppen
06. Megamind – Taub? (Picotto Mix)
07. A*S*Y*S – Acid Head Cracker (Auf Die Nuß Mix)
08. DJ Marc La Cruz – Gate to Hell
09. Marc van Linder pres. Madagascar – This Way (Derb Remix)
10. DJ Shredda – Chainsaw (The Crow Mix)
11. DJ Wag – The Darkness (DJ Wag Mix)
12. Angel of Death – Angel of Death (Acid Mix)
13. Transformer – Das Lied Der Nacht (Airfire Featuring DJ Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain Rmx)
14. Das Effekt – Creator (Gary D. & Dr.Z Harddisc Mix)
15. Waldmeister – ! Kahlschlag ! (Baced ! Mix)
16. Walt – Bring the Pain (Original Mix)
17. S.H.O.K.K. – …Relieve The Pain With Eating You (Marcel Woods Remix)
18. The Gladheadz – Drug Addicted Psycho (Überdruck Remix)
19. Baced! vs. Ace’s Delight – Witness
20. Sam Punk Pres. Wheels of Steel – Self Destruction (Überdruck Remix)
21. Baced! – Mistress of Darkness

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