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Interview: Cherry Moon Trax | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018



Cherry Moon Trax is the hit formation of the legendary Belgian club called Cherry Moon. Over the years, the group had some mayor club classics like: The House Of House, Let there be house, Needle Destruction, The Club the People The music, Acid Dream and many many more…


Hello Cherry Moon Trax!, with whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with? DJ Ghost or Yves Deruyter? Perhaps both of you are sitting down together as we speak 😊.

Its just me, Dj Ghost (Bjorn Wendelen), since Cherry Moon Trax is a collective of multiple artists (producers from varius Cherry moon Trax’s…) I will take the lead.
Since there are different recordings with different producers for the project Cherry moon trax, The house of house was with Yves Deruyter, Needle Destruction was with Dj Ghost. The club the people the music was with Dj Ghost, Gatecrasher was with Dj Ghost, Acid dream was with Youri Parker.. It is possible you see us perform in different formats.. But we will always bring the true Cherry moon sound and spirit

Just this past week you dominated Tomorrowland and the world with one of the most amazing dj sets the dance music scene has seen in a long time. The old-school veterans cant stop talking about it and I’m sure the new crowd cant either. Tell me everything about what you guys discussed prior leading up Tomorrowland. What did you guys want to showcase.

We talked about our set on the MainStage prior to the event, but we did not prepare anything. We both had one mission: to enjoy ourselves and the old school crowd. Little did we know that it would become so huge. We wanted to stay loyal to the old school and beat mix a lot. We are old school dj’s in a new school format :-). We let the music speak, we wanted to tell a story like we did when we were resident dj’s in a club, where we played from 10PM till 8AM.. but we only had 60 minutes, F+CK.

Nothing but smiles, dancing, and rarely any cell phones were seen in the air. That’s the way it should be!

You know, it was all pure and honest, no bullshit, no fake, just real emotion.

What’s next in the pipeline for Cherry Moon Trax? USA gig in the works? 😊 New York Please!!

Haha, that would be great, I hope someone from The States will contact us to play in NY again.. I remember I played there 20 years ago, at Webster Hall, it was legendary!

You guys have been all over the world. Where is your favorite place to play and why?

Sorry to disappoint, but really, there is no such thing as a best crowd for us. We try to create a exclusive vibe, every time we mix and perform. I only see happy faces, so for us all crowds over the world are the best. When you least expect it, the nights are mostly the best…

Besides doing some events here and there. What do you guys do on a day to day basis?

We are all 100% in music. Producing and creating new stuff (with an old school twist). At the moment we are in the studio creating a new Cherry Moon Trax, but also solo projects ano 2019..

What is the current state of dance music lacking or missing in your eyes?


Any last words for the readers and dance music scene?

We just want to thank all of you for your support and nice comments. Life is what you make of it.

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