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Interview: Monoverse Talks 2018 | FSOE Parallels | FSOE550



Santos Torres, better known as Monoverse, has been one of the most impressive breakthrough talents in the world of trance and progressive. Consistently releasing powerful productions with record labels such as Future Sound Of Egypt, Armada Music, Coldharbour Recordings and other imprints, Monoverse has caught and maintained the attention of the industry’s biggest names. His music is regularly found in the playlists of internationally renowned artists such as Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate and many more.

ASOT 863 XXL – Monoverse Guestmix

what an amazing experience it was to join Aly & Fila and Paul Thomas on today's A State Of Trance ASOT 863 XXL, the FSOE Recordings takeover! a sincere thank you to the FSOE team, Ruben De Ronde, Armin van Buuren and Armada Music for the incredible opportunity

Posted by Monoverse on Thursday, May 10, 2018

It’s been around two years since we last chatted! Lots of good things have happened with your music career. Spill it all out for us and your thoughts.

It has been a minute for sure, and a lot has definitely transpired since. I’ve had the opportunity to debut in so many new places, meet incredible people, share some of what I think is my best music to date, and I’m just very grateful for each and every single thing this journey has provided for me.

You linked up with Future Sound of Egypt in late 2017 to launch sub label FSOE Parallels. Tell me more about it!

When FSOE was looking to launch the new progressive trance imprint, I took the chance in pitching Aly & Fila my ideas for the brand and the direction I wanted to take it in. We were very much on the same page since the beginning, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it has been developing.

With that said, I think we’re only beginning to hit our stride as more producers are finding out what the label is about. I’ve tried not to impose on the artists creativity, allowing them to head in the direction they want and leaving it rather open-ended stylistically within reason. As we say at FSOE, good music is good music.

You will be playing over-seas soon for the FSOE 550 celebrations in the U.K. And Egypt! Excited much?

You have no idea. Since I started following the trance scene, the U.K. has been on my list of destinations to visit as both an artist and avid music lover. To make my debut there along side a legendary lineup for the Manchester event is amazing, and I cannot wait.

Then, continuing the journey with the FSOE family onward to Egypt soon after is actually surreal to me. To be a part of the first edition of the new Heracleion is an honor, and I’m just super thankful for these opportunities. I’ll make sure to bring my A-game for these upcoming dates!

What are you currently working on? Tell me something I am the first to know

This year has been about releasing quality over quantity for me, and I’ve honestly sat on a lot of the music I’ve made recently as I’d rather ensure it’s truly perfected to the best of my abilities.

With that in mind, I’m working on a longer form release at this point, beyond maybe one or two single releases for the rest of this year. Whether or not that turns into a full album or an extensive EP depends on how far the vision takes me, so there you have a little spoiler!

You’re  a master of the progressive side of trance, could we possible see you take a stab at some other styles in the near future?

I sincerely appreciate the kind words, and oddly enough, I’ve released a couple deeper tunes under an alias a while back (the artist alias is actually an anagram of Monoverse).  The deep progressive house style would fit under FSOE’s UV imprint now, and while Paul Thomas doesn’t know it yet, I’m actually working on a couple projects to pitch him for the label in the future. Of course, the long form release I alluded to earlier will definitely feature more experimental music from me, so you’ll just have to keep your ears open whenever all of this comes to fruition!

Any last words for my readers and the Monoverse Gang.

Thank so much you for the feature, and for keeping up with what I’m up to! I can’t tell you all just how much I appreciate it, as it keeps me motivated to keep going. Hope to see you all somewhere in the world soon.

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