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Who Remembers This Euro-Trance Anthem From Dee Dee?



Belgian Eurodance -Vocaltrance Singer-Songwriter Dee Dee, has made her mark in the music scene early 00’s already with her distinguished voice and catchy vocals.

Everybody Remembers her smash hit “FOREVER” , which conquered the world with a bang since it got released in July 2001! Signed over more than 39 countries it reached #1 in the German and UK dance chart, Official UK top10, Golden status in Hungary, Nominated “Best Dance” at the WMC awards in Miami, to name a few..

Making it one of the biggest club songs of the noughties, being played and supported by the biggest Dj’s at that time, “Forever” is now worth to be called an absolute Clubland Classic after all those years!


I’m all alone in bed,
And I can’t sleep,
I’m feeling blue.
I try close my eyes,
But all I’m thinking of is you.
Baby, only you.
I cry my eyes out, baby.
Wondering what I have to do.
I look inside my heart.
I know for sure this love is true.
Day by day,
Heart to heart,
I hope that we will ever be together.
Will it be me and you?
I dreamed that our love will last forever.
Hold me tight, in your arms,
I know we have the strength to stay together.
Walk with me, hand in hand.
I promise to be there, forever, forever
Songwriters: Samuel Martin / Simon Katz
Forever lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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