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DJ/Producer “Asteroid” Has Gone Full Supernova on The Trance Scene



Even though a late bloomer in the realms of trance music, Matt is certainly no stranger to the golden years of 2000’s hard trance with over 6 years experience producing in this genre. In 2016, he set his sights on the uplifting and tech trance world with the intention of creating hi-energy, melodic, uplifting and tech trance. After 2 years of experimentation, hard work and dedication, Matt’s work has been featured on labels such as Rielism, Black Hole Recordings, Monster Tunes, Extrema & Alter Ego Records and has also featured on the Top 10 selling compilation album – ‘Riel Trance’ by Rielism/Black Hole Recordings. A highly impressive list of signings for just 2 short years in trance music.  Check out Asteroid on the following pages: Facebook | Beatport | Soundcloud | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram

Hi Matt, Thanks for taking some time out for a little one on one!

Hey Douglas, no worries at all, thanks for having me.

You’re no stranger to the scene! You have been Producing/DJ quality productions and events for a number of years. For my readers who may not know your backstory can you give them a quick backstory?

Sure! Ok so between the years of 2008 and 2012 I was one half of a hard trance duo (Shock:Force) and we were extremely fortunate to play all over the world at pretty much all the biggest hard trance clubs and festivals including the infamous Q-Dance Defqon.1 in Australia. Fast forward to 2016 and I made the move to trance music, playing under a new solo project entitled ‘Asteroid’.

Over the past two years, you have quickly established a new name in the scene under “Asteroid”. Gaining the likes of some top names in such a short time, how was it transitioning from the harder sounds of dance music to the progressive/melodic/uplifting side of trance music?

It has been an incredibly tough transition actually. For the first year my music was too hard for trance labels to pick up, too dated in sound choice and also my production ability just wasn’t quite there. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work closely with some good friends in the likes of Thomas Crossley (Renegade System) and Darren Porter, both of which have helped me a lot, to get my productions to where they need to be.

A little bird told me you just got recently signed to a management/booking agency. Tell me about it!

That’s right. I’ve just been picked up by, To The Point Management, one of the most well connected agencies here in The Netherlands. They are responsible for amazing artists over the years including some scene legends like RAM and Richard Durand and still play host to a plethora of amazing artists, including Thomas Datt, Harmonic Rush, Alessandra Roncone, 2ND Phase and more. I’m really excited to see what happens for the rest of 2018.

What are some of your short term and long-term goals with your new alias!

Both my short term and long term goals are the same, keep my head down, work hard in and out of the studio and just do my absolute best to deliver music that trance fans will be able to connect to.

What is next for Asteroid? Tell me something exclusive!

I have some incredible remix and release opportunities lined up for the rest of the year but unfortunately, I’m not allowed to disclose more info on those projects at the moment.

You have a gig coming up in Vietnam. What are you expecting looking forward to most?

Ah, man!! I’m so excited for my debut in Vietnam and Asia in fact. I’ve always wanted to play there. I’m looking forward to trying traditional Vietnamese food and immersing myself in Asian culture. I will also be meeting a good friend of 9 years there that I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s going to be an amazing tour!

In three words, describe your sound.

Energetic, uplifting and aggressive.

If you could collaborate with a one of your favorite producers who would it be and why?

I would choose between two producers. Darren Porter, my long term mentor and now, friend. For me personally, nobody in the uplifting side of trance music gets anywhere near him for the kind of emotion and energy he provides in his music. The other dude is Vlind from Mexico, I’ve just recently done a collaboration with him and my good friend Gary Leroy. Vlind is here in Holland until the end of June and I just had to work with him. Nobody in the world sounds like this guy does, I love his music and to see him work and pick his brains a bit has been an amazing experience for me! More info on that collaboration soon!

Tell me about your studio setup.

I have a very modest setup compared to a lot of other producers actually. I run an i7 Macbook Pro, Focusrite interfaces and HEDD Type 05 monitors. I also use Beyerdynamics DT990’s for referencing too.

What are five cities you would love to play in?

Oh wow, I’m not sure. I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of the places I’ve wanted to. Off the top of my head I think it would be awesome to play these cities.

  1. Buenos Aires

  2. Los Angeles

  3. New York

  4. Tokyo

  5. Jakarta

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would want to spend it with all my favourite people. It wouldn’t have to cost a lot of money even, just to hang out with everyone I have a connection with. My loved ones and my best friends, that would be more than enough for me.

Any last words for the fans?

I don’t really like the term fans, so if I even have any, please don’t be a fan, be a friend. Come say hello if you see me, get involved in my posts on social media and let’s share the love for music together. Without you guys, I would just be some guy sitting in my studio making some noises. You are all awesome, thank you for every bit of support you show my music.

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