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Interview: Sean Tyas Talks 2018!



From the shadows a character emerges. He is The Degenerate known as Sean Tyas. Equipped with an alternate belief and an armory of fresh, high tech soundscapes, each one skillfully crafted to engage his disenchanted generation of nocturnal followers who unite after dark to rebel against the candy floss pink. A new path is here for all Degenerates that choose to follow. Embrace the dark. His sound will guide you through to the other side. #iAMDegenerate

Ladies & Gentleman please give it up for Mr. Sean Tyas! How’s it going brother?

Good good! Just been getting the next batch of Degenerate Records releases all set up, masters in the right place, and by the end of the month the label is getting a sweeeeeeet facelift. In the last 4 weeks I’ve also finished off 3 remixes so there’s a lot of unreleased material I get to drop this coming weekend!

You have some legendary gigs coming up.. B2B with John Askew On Friday June 8th in California then the following night with your other half Simon Patterson. That’s just the start of your summer events. Should we call a medic?

No way, I’m invincible. Goonies never say die. It’s going to be a great thing to do my first USA Degenerate Night in San Francisco, and with longtime good friend, John Askew. The man who has been a big part of keeping me focused and grounded all these years. Then, of course, over to NYC where I’ll be reunited with Simon Patterson for the first time in NYC in over half a decade. Super excited for this because I think essentially we are playing to a new generation there, and I think a large chunk of this one hasn’t experienced the chemistry of when we do shows together.

Tell me about your recent partnership with Amplifyd Music.

I want to expand into giving back to the community by teaching more and more over the coming years. It’s something I love to and have a way of explaining things to people so they understand it the first time. These Amplifyd Packages are how I will step into this educational side of things, and I hope to be mentoring some of the most talented new breeds around. You can check all that out on

What is next for Sean Tyas?

Well, summer is coming up, so of course, I’m crazy stoked to get back to Tomorrowland, Luminosity Beach Festival, Electronic Family, Avalon Hollywood, Ibiza, Street Parade Zurich, and more I can’t even announce just yet. In the studio I have several collabs on the go including with Liquid Soul, Darren Porter, and more, plus plenty of new ideas i will be using for new originals, including a new vocal single.

Psychedelic trance is being supported and produced and globally recognized in the past few years. I guess were in that faze of things.. Yourself has found an interest. Tell me who were your influences.

I do love the production side of it. It’s up there with the technical merit of Drum and Bass to me. My main psy influences are Sonic Species, Durs, Waio, Symbolic, and Liquid Soul.

I’m a big fan of producers collaborating on a track. Who are three producers you have yet to collaborate with that you would love to make a track with?

Sonic Species (though to be fair we are about to start one), Stoneface & Terminal (actually, that’s also about to begin), and for sheer reach, let’s say Eric Prydz.

You have played all over the world, and I’m sure you have plenty of stories and funny moments. What is one funny moment that happened at one of your gigs?

If it really is funny, I’m probably not allowed to make it public. I will say that a couple of times I’ve had to pee into (and fill) pint glasses due to club bathrooms being too far away on long sets. Hope no one drank them after. It’s tricky to actually pull it off while playing and have no one notice but it had to be done.

Tell me something exclusive that my readers and your fans are the first to know.

I guess one main thing is since I have been really enjoying doing these vocal tunes more lately, and plan to focus more on those in the future from here out.

Thank you Sean! And I will probably see you soon 🙂

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