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Interview: Your Favorite, My Favorite! Christopher Lawrence Talks Dark Side & Exclusives



Hello Mr. Lawrence! Last time we hung out was at your gig @ Cielo NYC in October of 2016! Time sure does fly hehe!

Hi Douglas, Good to hear from you. Time does fly and thanks for the support of the new Dark Side compilation:)

How has 2018 been treating you? You just got back from an amazing gig in Argentina Correct? Tell me about it!

2018 has a been a fantastic year so far. I just got back form Buenos Aries which is one of my favorite places to play in the world. I was there for the BAT XV festival and then played an extended four hour set at Groove the following Monday. It’s great to play to a sold out crowd of fanatical music lovers. I have been going there since 2005 and it gets better every time. The people in Argentina are really passionate about their music. You couldn’t ask for a better dance floor.

You have a new mix compilation coming out showcasing the progression of an open to close set. Something you’re a master at. Tell me more about it.

I am really excited about my new mix series titled Dark Side. This is by far my favorite project I have ever produced. I approach a mix compilation as a challenge to capture a period in time. These mixes capture the progression and energy of an open to close set. With part one of this mix titled Open, I get back to my progressive roots and if you have ever experienced one of my Open to Close sets you will recognize the slower measured pace with which my sets begin. I have tried to faithfully capture that sound with this mix. Mix two, titled Close, reproduces the energy and power of my set at the close of the night when I move into full psychedelic mode. I did them as two separate mixes so that people could pick the vibe they were feeling at the moment and fully indulge in that whether it is progressive or psy. And for the full journey you can listen to one right after the other.

Tell me what you have coming up on Pharmacy Music, that is the first to know!

You are the first to know that I have two collaborations coming up. The first is a collab with Synfonic coming out on June 25th titled The Gaia Principle. I have been playing it out the past two months and the response has been amazing. Following that is a collaboration with Fergie & Sadrian. We just had a brilliant release titled Ajna that came out a month ago. Every time I go to Buenos Airies I make time to get in the studio with Fergie & Sadrian. I can also let you know that there are some fantastic new releases coming up on Pharmacy by new artists Chih, TOT, Submersive as well as Pharmacy favorite Black Marvin. It’s a great release schedule that is coming up on Pharmacy.

Trance music is always evolving.. Where do you see your particular sound heading?

Right now psy is the dominant influence whether is is full on or progressive psy. It is having a dramatic effect on the trance scene. I like the crossover between traditional trance and psy as well. Techno is really huge at the moment and I am starting to hear a lot more trance influences in techno, techno with melody. If I was going to make a prediction it would be that there is going to be a movement in techno towards trance and you will start hearing a techno / trance hybrid. It is only natural for people to want to hear some melody in their music and it gives techno some extra feeling. John 00 Fleming and I are working on a track right now that is a trance infused techno track.

These past two years, Main stage Psy-trance has exploded onto the trance community. I I give a thumps up to Vini Vici for paving the way for that. Any thoughts?

Vini Vici have done an incredible job of bringing psy-trance to the main stage. They have single handedly revolutionized the festival and stadium sound. They are extremely talented and have a unique sound that they developed a few years ago. It was progressive psy with really great hooks and interesting breakdowns. It is so much better than the Big Room EDM that dominated the main stages for so long. Trance is seeing a resurgence once again.

Which Producer is hot on your radar right now.

Top on my list would have to be Sonic Species. He has a powerful sound with fantastic bassline and acid grooves. His sound just hits the perfect sweet spot for me and his tracks always stand out when I play them at the shows. There are so many producers that are at the peak of their game right now like X-Noize, Avalon, No Comment, Outsiders and Vertical Mode. Also Pharmacy artists to watch are Fergie & Sadrian, Synfonic and Triceradrops.

Any last words for the fans?

I would just like to say thanks for all your support over the years. My fans are my inspiration. See you on a dance floor soon!


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