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Interview: Hyper Reality Records / Be Part of A New Reality ( 2015 Interview )



This interview is a republished interview from 2015

Hello Hyper Reality Records, How is everything going? With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with? Yet another snowy day here in New York. How is it over by you?

Hi we are Marcel (German) and Barry (Dutch) (aka Acid Scorpions). Around March last year we got in contact with each other through the love of producing and listening to Hard Trance.
As we are both Scorpio and have a love for the 303 acid sound, our collab project ‘Acid Scorpions’ was born. After 2 months, we had our first release on Xtraxx and soon our 2nd Acid Scorpions release will be out on GT Digital ( better known as During another rainy day here in Europe, we are doing our best to answer this interview with you guys.

I recently found out about your label by listening to one of “Renegade System’s” upcoming track “Aliens”. A local New York DJ/Producer by the name of Mike Squillo had forward me the information as he knows I’m a big fan of hard trance. I must say I’m very impressed and happy to find people resurrecting and pushing the hard trance sound back to the spotlight where it belongs. Pat yourselves on the back!

It’s great to hear you are a big fan of Hard Trance and thanks for the compliments. We are doing our best to revive the true sound of Hard Trance and make people more aware of this genre.

Spill it all out… Tell me how Hyper Reality Records got started; what is your motivation behind the label.

The idea was born in March 2014 when we had first contact with each other. Originally we had the idea of just having a platform for our own music. But after multiple nights talking about the old days, and about releases from artists like Scot Project, Hennes & Cold, S.H.O.K.K, Kai Tracid, Schwarze Puppen, Warmduscher, ASYS and Flutlicht, legendary labels like the German Tracid Traxxx, Druck, Overdose and Überdruck, we realized that maybe we would have a chance to start a professional label which could follow in the footsteps of these brilliant names.

For us Hard Trance is our life and for as long as we can remember, we have had a true love for this hard, energetic, melodic and epic genre, especially the older Hard Trance from around 1998-2006. Back then, we listened to a lot of Tracid Traxxx and Gary D-Trance albums. Too bad it’s not as popular as it was back in the day.

Nowadays there is a big gap between Trance (Uplifting, Progressive, Psy) and Hardstyle. The Hard Trance sound of the early 2000’s is the perfect mixture as it combines the best of both worlds. Hard pounding kicks, deep and/or aggressive basslines, screaming 303 acid, energetic synths and melodies which can take you on a journey into space. Our mission is to revive this sound, to bridge the gap between Trance and Hardstyle.

After much preparation and seeking possible names for our label, Hyper Reality Records was finally born, as a Dutch/German label in September last year when we officially registered as a company. Around this time, we were very busy arranging all legal stuff, distribution, setting up the website, artwork, etc

We began to search for some veterans who still share the same love for this music and wanted to help us bring back the old sound. First of them was the well known Canadian duo Aponaut, who are making this kind of music for almost 20 years now. We are lucky that we were able to sign a whole bunch of their awesome tracks, which will be released on Hyper Reality Records during this and hopefully the following years. They even produced our self named debut release ‘Aponaut – The Hyper Reality’. This duo is a very important part of HRR.

Somewhat later, we found the known Hardstyle producer Thomas ‘Echidna’ Crossley, who produced Hardstyle for many years but has his roots in Hard Trance with his project Renegade System and he decided to go back to it fully 100%. He is also a big help for us as he hosts our Radio Show on DI.FM and is producing a lot of brilliant tracks for us.

Which artists are currently connected to Hyper Reality Records?

We have a big repertoire of artists. There are newcomers like the German producer LYNXX who is part of our latest release together with the Estonian producer & DJ Rainer K. Established artists like Welsh producer S.U.L.L.Y, who was half of the well known SHOCK:FORCE project, the very talented Dutch producer The Sixth Sense, as well as UK’s Inertial System and Polish Danny V, who both delivered brilliant remixes for our next release. We also have some Hard Trance veterans like the Canadian duo Aponaut and the German Tracid Traxxx legend Kan Cold, who is the half of Hennes & Cold and also known as Derb.

Besides our producer artists, we are featuring several known DJ’s on our radio show twice a month. We were pleased to welcome the German DJ & producer Mike Phobos, who had releases on labels such as Lengo Records and the legendary Überdruck Records, UK DJ/Producer Louk, owner of the well known label Compulzion and had many great Hard Trance releases and also UK’s ADM / Dj Medowz who is one guy to look out for and had some very nice releases on the Atmosphere imprint.

Do you have plans to work with or gain support from veterans in the scene? Or will the label be all about supporting the new generation.

As well as having some huge names in the Hard Trance scene on our roster, we are also very proud to showcase the new generation, to create a solid mixture of the old classic sound with the new.
Our label has gained massive support from the biggest names in the Hard Trance scene today. DJ’s like Wragg, Iain Cross, Nomad, Mark EG, Louk and many more are currently playing our releases. But that’s not all, as we have recently been getting support from non-Hard Trance DJ’s like DJ Madwave and others.

What releases are forthcoming on “Hyper Reality Records”?

Next up, we have Rainer K’s ‘My Name Is Music’ which will be released together with remixes from Danny V and Inertial System, which will be hitting the download stores on March 31st.
Then we will have a Renegade System release in April, with remixes from XLS (the half of Aponaut) and the German legend Kan Cold.
There are so many releases coming on HRR, we can’t mention them all as we have already planned up until HRR015 🙂

Tell us something we are the first to know about the label?

Oh, we already did 🙂 Kan Cold is coming back with his old sound in a form of a remix here on Hyper Reality Records. Previews will be released very soon.

Where can we stay up to date with the latest news about Hyper Reality Records?

We are currently most active on our Facebook fan page, so please give it a like to make sure you don’t miss any news 😉
Also our website is always up to date
And of course you can follow us on SoundCloud, like and comment our previews there to show us what you like or dislike and of course you can download all episodes of our Radio Show.
New episodes of the Hyper Reality Radio Show will be aired on DI.FM every first and third Thursday at 8 PM CET / 7 PM GMT / 2 PM EST

Where do you see the label in the next few years?

We don’t know what the future will bring us but we hope we can make Hyper Reality Records a known, respected and leading label in the Hard Trance scene and hopefully we can bring back the old sound as there are so many people that still long for it.

What general advice do you give trance/hard trance new generation of artists?

Follow your heart, passion and stay true to yourself. Also don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always willing to help new artists if we see potential in them.

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

Quantity over quality. This is what we think about the current situation and this is what is making us different as quality is Hyper Reality’s most important attribute. Another big problem of today’s music is that many tracks are sounding the same as everyone is copying each other and also the sound is so clean that it has lost it’s atmosphere. I can’t feel nowadays music like it was in the past.

Any last words for our fans and readers?

First of all I want to thank every one of you who have read this interview ’til the end It would be great if you guys would support us by buying our tracks in the stores instead of downloading them illegally. No one can get rich nowadays with this kind of music but at least it shows respect for the artists and it gives motivation to produce new stuff. Another very important thing you all can do to support us is liking our Facebook fan page and following us on SoundCloud. Give our previews a like and/or share it if you like what you hear as all this gives us even more motivation and it helps to reach more and more people. Let’s start the #hardtrancerevolution all together

– Be part of a new reality –

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