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Interview: Rainer K Takes It Back To The OldSchool!



Estonian producer Rainer Kaldma based in Tallinn has been producing tracks under many aliases back in the days. Started to play piano at age of 7 and composed some piano scores since then. Nowaday’s producing music, more concentrating in trance music and have various releases on different record labels such Hyper Realty Records, Still Oldschool Records, Country Club Records and well know UK44 Records. Rainer had his first release in 2011 on Bitrecordz with his alias ”SH1V3RZ” and track called ”XTC” was pressed on 12” Vinyl and it was limited release (50 pieces was pressed).
Rainer is also known as Rainer K, Rainer NRG, Rainer Van Caldma, SH1V3RZ

Back in time…………

The Man, The Myth, The Hard Trance Legend from Estonia! How’s it going?

Thanks for having me mate! I’m doing great, thanks for asking! I’m quite busy with my everyday job, I’m hard working man haha, but i still try to find some time for music production.

Give us the run down on how you got into electronic dance music(hard trance, trance )

Well, it’s going to be long story, but i make it short. I have two older brothers who were intro electronic music, i need to thank my oldest brother Rene, he used to listen lot’s of trance and hard trance back in the day when i was a little kid back in late 90’s early 2000’s and later on he also produced, but he quit unfortunately, so i took his place at age of 10, yeah, I’m not kidding, it’s been a long journey!

You’ve put out some amazing productions my friend. You really bring out the old late 90’s early 00’s sounds in your tracks with an updated sound! Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you Douglas! Well, i get inspiration from everywhere, i also listen too classical music, rock etc. But most influential producers, who are not active anymore, are Red Alert Records project called Panama, those two Italians were and still are one of my heroes and also Kan Cold, i just like to keep things simple, because simplicity is the key for me and it’s my personal decision to make stuff like that.

You just released a oldschool EP on Hyper Reality Records! Tell us more about it!

I had an idea to make a album, but it was too much for me, because my studio is 90km away from the actual place where i live, so i decided to make a three track EP, it took a long time tho, i started with that EP back in 2016 and with the last track called Mind Twister i had an idea to make acid house track, but it turned out to be a hard trance tune haha.

If you could collaborate with a one of your favorite producers who would it be, any why?

Definitely Fast Floor aka Kevin Scales, he is my hero, he produced one of my most favorite tune called “Sirens Of Time (2003 Re-Rub)!

What’s next for Rainer K? Tell us something we are the first to know!

Well, some of you already know, that I’m going to UK, which gonna be my very first gig outside Estonia, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m making a collab with my partner in crime Tim Hidgem, renewing my studio, there are some things i still want to keep top secret!

What are your top five favorite tracks of all time?

Panama- Peaceful World
Sa.Vee.Oh – Global Anthem
Rapha – Jack Attack
Kamui – Ghosts
Fast Floor – Sirens Of Time (2003 Re-Rub)

It seems hard trance is making a come back to the spotlight, its still not there yet. Why do you think these top guys don’t support it anymore?

Everybody have their own opinion, but there is mine. Hard Trance used to be a underground subgenre of Trance, later on it had some commercial spotlight, but while Hardstyle started to evolve in early 2000’s Hard Trance was kinda fading away, back in 2008 it was so quiet in the Hard Trance scene, It was basically forgotten genre. It’s kinda weird to think, but after the launch of Hyper Reality Records Hard Trance is like a Phoenix rising from it’s ashes. We just need to give it more time to recover, Hard Trance will come back, some of the early pioneers are coming back with a new sound design and even Armin Van Buuren played Hard Trance and MaRlo supported my collab with Renegade System at Transmission 2016 and there was over 20.000 people raving

If you have 24 hours to live? What would you do?

I’ll be in my studio making music and petting my cat, no question!

Any last words for my readers & fans?

I want to say a big thank you to you Douglas for having a platform for the young up-coming producers and everybody who supported me thru the years, my fans, my second family from Hyper Reality Records, my partner in crime Tim Hidgem for helping me in music industry, and my family. See you at Religion UK guy’s!

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